In room full of reverberating, reflecting surfaces and materials (concrete, glass, stone, metal, etc.), the acoustic energy generated in the room is echoed. This results in an unpleasant noise level and diffused acoustics, which impair the ability to concentrate and have an adverse impact on the human sense of wellbeing. Sound-absorbing surfaces, on the other hand, destroy a vast amount of the acoustic energy they encounter and thus make it possible to once again clearly identify the original sound source. Hence, it is easy to distinguish between the noises and the spoken word is easy to understand.

BASWA acoustic AG’s acoustic solutions aim at the reduction and control of the reverberation times in rooms, large halls and entire buildings and the creation of pleasant acoustic room climates.




  • Efficient sound absorption
    Absorption coefficient up to αw = 0,90
  • Smooth surfaces without grooves
    up to 500 m2, no expansion joints required (lowered systems up to 120 m2)
  • Virtually unlimited design options
    Rounded, vaulted and cupola designs can be designed acoustically
  • Outstanding material quality
    thanks to 25 years of experience
  • Sustainable and natural materials
    natural marble sand as well as recycled raw materials
  • Broad color palette
    no impairment of the acoustic values
  • Moisture resistant
    suitable for swimming pools and spa facilities
  • Suitable for limited outdoor use                   e.g. undersides of balconies
  • Non-flammable
    Fire prevention class A2; S1-d0
  • Made in Switzerland
    F&E and product management in Baldegg, Switzerland; production in Switzerland, Germany and the United States

BASWA Systems


BASWA acoustic AG’s acoustic solutions aim at the reduction and control of the reverberation times in rooms, large halls and entire buildings. The optimum management of the reverberation times results in the creation of a pleasant acoustic room climate. Thanks to the significant reduction of annoying background noises caused by unnerving reverberation, the level of concentration and wellbeing improves accordingly.

Acoustic solutions from BASWA acoustic AG are available in two options: single layer or double layer systems.

Single layer systems (BASWA Base, BASWA Fine) offer budget priced solutions and optimum installation times for premium quality acoustic surfaces that are extremely refined – provided the overall conditions are suitable for such installations.

Double layer systems (BASWA Classic Base, Classic Fine, Classic Top) always consist of a base layer called BASWA Base and a top coat (BASWA Base, Fine or Top). They are installed if the surface has to be extremely fine (BASWA Classic Top), if bent surfaces with tight radiuses have to be covered or if the acoustic surfaces are located within highly visible lighted areas.

BASWA systems


BASWA acoustic AG’s thermal-acoustic solutions combine excellent sound absorption with noise free heating and cooling. While the reverberation times are effectively reduced, the room temperature is also controlled noiselessly and without generating any airstreams. Given the fact that relative large spaces are activated each time, the variance from the room temperature (Delta t) is relatively small. This makes these systems ideal for combination with renewable (non-fossil) energy resources.

Thermal-acoustic solutions are processed in a double-layer system. Before the top coat is applied, a base coat - BASWA Base – has to be applied first. BASWA Base, Fine or Top are the available options to be used for the top coat. The type of top coat chosen has virtually no impact on the thermal effectiveness.  








For the creation of colored acoustic surfaces, the BASWA coating masses are custom-dyed at the plant as ordered. The BASWA acoustic AG lab determines the color recipes from scratch for each new color. Given the specific properties of porous surfaces, each color recipe is visually compared with the original sample. The pigmenting products are mixed into the coating masses; no further additives are used. Subsequently, the dyed coating masses are processed at the construction site. BASWA coating masses can be custom dyed in almost all hues available.  

BASWA acoustic AG offers a balanced choice of colors; custom tailored colors are mixed to match for a fee.

Performance- and quality assurance


Performance- and quality assurance

BASWA acoustic AG highly emphasizes the quality of the workmanship that goes into BASWA products. Only companies that have been certified by BASWA acoustic AG are authorized to process our products. As a rule, the training and certification of these enterprises is hosted at BASWA acoustic AG’s headquarters in Baldegg, Switzerland – or – for participants from Northern Europe, in Gotha, Germany. Upon successful completion of the training, the companies receive a BASWA Partner Certificate, which authorizes them to install our products. 

Thanks to this certification process, we are in a position to warrant the outstanding workmanship quality and the enforcement of a quality assurance program for your project. Around the globe, we currently boast a partner network of about 270 installers.  Of course we are continuously training and certifying additional enterprises.