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Continued Education

Have you always wanted to know how to foster Healthy Architecture or how to integrate seamless acoustic solutions into your own architectural design without any compromise?

In our BASWA continued education series, you will learn how to foster "Healthy Architecture" with the help of great room acoustics. You also have the opportunity to learn more about our seamless, sustainable BASWA acoustic solutions.

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"How to foster Healthy Architecture with Room Acoustics"

The discreet, seamless integration of acoustic solutions into your design


How do I integrate sustainable, discrete acoustic solutions almost invisibly into my design? In which rooms or buildings should I install acoustic solutions? Can I integrate sustainable, seamless acoustics in historic buildings or vaults?

We will answer all these questions in our webinar on "How to foster Healthy Architecture with Room Acoustics". In our webinar you will learn more about the use of seamless acoustic solutions in different application areas as well as important tips and tricks on the topic of room acoustics and the seamless, discreet integration into your design. You will also receive a brief overview of our BASWA acoustic solutions.

Date? Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Time? From 16:30-17:30

Where? Wherever you are at home

Webinar Language? German

How? Just click here and register easily for the Zoom Webinar

Your Hosts? Oliver Beltermann & Tim Brückmann


Photo Credits:

Architect: DDM architectuur // Photo: Lenzer