The business idea of a pioneer - with the persistence to succeed.

Belief in what you do is more than knowledge.

From the very beginning, the company’s purpose was to manufacture and market innovative acoustic products. As a tireless and determined entrepreneur and pioneer with a high level of technical flair, Hans Sulzer invented and developed the BASWA acoustic system. It was clear to him from the very beginning that BASWA would bring more efficient solutions to known problems in an innovative and unconventional way.

At first I had no idea how noise and reverberation could be reduced. But the lack of sound knowledge proved to be my best asset. I visited numerous specialists and always listened to the same thing: 'We always did it like this', or: 'that's the way you do it'. ' So I decided to rely on my own intuition. I started to try things out in my small workshop.

Hans Sulzer Founder and inventor of BASWA
Marmorsand - fugenloser Akustikverputz

The beginning of BASWA

The beginning of BASWA Hans Sulzer was an extremely innovative personality. His work enabled the small company to develop steadily and successfully, from the regional, then national, to the international markets.

As a prudent entrepreneur, he transferred responsibility for the company’s fortunes to a younger team in a sliding process. He exemplified to all what bravery, courage to try something new, unconventionality and healthy restlessness mean. From the beginning, these characteristics attracted a lively team, both specialists and career changers. With no big business plans or strategic superstructure, this team has helped the company to break through with enthusiasm for its business idea. Hans “Jeannot” Sulzer passed away in summer 2015 and his legacy lives on in the company today, more than ever.

Even today we not only hire the very best specialists, but often also career changers or self-educated people. We do not place ourselves in a product tradition - the combination of materials we experiment with can make the hair of many a seasoned craftsman stand on end.

Eric Sulzer Chairman

BASWA acoustic worldwide

The BASWA technology is constantly being further developed and marketed worldwide – in the spirit of its inventor. Today, distribution is organised through the company’s own sales organisations as well as through independent partner companies. The partner network currently covers about 40 countries. BASWA surfaces are installed on six continents, in sizes ranging from 5 m² to 25,000 m², sometimes even more. BASWA acoustic ceilings can be found in Swiss households, in the Federal Parliament in Bern and the White House in Washington, in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan or in Saudi Arabia. At international universities, in famous concert halls and renowned museums, in restaurants or offices throughout Europe, Asia, the USA, in Africa and Australia, in short – all over the world.

Accolades from renowned architects

The quality of BASWA products is confirmed by the fact that numerous internationally renowned architects choose BASWA products and work together with the BASWA team in the planning of their projects.

The headquarters of BASWA acoustic AG is still located in Baldegg, Switzerland. This is where new ideas on products, accessories, tools, marketing and sales are developed. The system components are produced in Switzerland and in the USA.

We believe in what we do. We believe in it, in an unspectacular and everyday, but also tangible sense. Specifically, we believe that it is possible to produce and market seamless smooth acoustic surfaces - and the most beautiful ones at that.

Eric Sulzer Chairman
KAPSARC by Zahah Hadid Architects with the seamless BASWA Phon acoustic plaster

Innovation Awards

The BASWA company has been awarded several innovation prizes in recent years: in 2009 in Paris with the Décibel d’or prize awarded by the French Ministry of the Environment, in 2012 in Switzerland with the Innovation Recognition Prize of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Central Switzerland IHZ, in 2013 in Germany with the first Innovation Prize of Raumprobe, and in 2015 with the renowned US Architizer A+ Jury Award, 2020 again with the material award of the Raumprobe in the category sustainability.