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Unconventional thinking and high values - that's what BASWA stands for. We are a team of makers, thinkers and explorers and we love to develop new solutions together. Trust, respect and passion are among our core values. We have set ourselves the goal of continuing to revolutionise room acoustics as a team, and to offer our customers the best seamless acoustic solution in the world. Craftsmanship, well-being and healthy architecture are of utmost importance to us. Our unconventional, down-to-earth manner of dealing with our customers is, in addition to the demand for the highest product quality, the reason for our success.

Edgar Fructuoso Edgar Fructuoso

Edgar Fructuoso

R&D Consultant / Chemical Engineer

Yves Enderli

Yves Enderli

President of the Board of Directors

Cornelia Steiner Cornelia Steiner

Cornelia Steiner

CFO / Head of Administration

Svea Zinke Svea Zinke

Svea Zinke

Export & Administration

Thomas Lindner Thomas Lindner

Thomas Lindner


Martin Rawlins Martin Rawlins

Martin Rawlins

Head of Sales, UK

Matthias Müller Matthias Müller

Matthias Müller

Production Manager

Gianpietro Donnoli Gianpietro Donnoli

Gianpietro Donnoli

Team Leader Production

Olivier Enderli

Olivier Enderli

Member of the Board of Directors

Claudio Bulloni Claudio Bulloni

Claudio Bulloni

R&D Project Coordinator

Gjon Qetaj Gjon Qetaj

Gjon Qetaj


Julien Yharel Diele Julien Yharel Diele

Julien Yharel Diele

R & D Assistent

Christoph Pellech Christoph Pellech

Christoph Pellech

Project Manager, Austria

Stanislas Gros Stanislas Gros

Stanislas Gros

Sales Manager

Nemanja Lazarevic Nemanja Lazarevic

Nemanja Lazarevic

Warehouse Coordinator / Quality Management

Bernhard Hanisch Bernhard Hanisch

Bernhard Hanisch

Operations Manager

Balachandran Sanmuganathan Balachandran Sanmuganathan

Balachandran Sanmuganathan


Nino Marinaccio Nino Marinaccio

Nino Marinaccio

Production Manager

Eric Sulzer Eric Sulzer

Eric Sulzer

CEO / Member of the Board of Directors

Kerstin Weilinger Kerstin Weilinger

Kerstin Weilinger

International Brand & Marketing Manager

Tatiana Leemann Tatiana Leemann

Tatiana Leemann

Export Administration

Christian Hoppenheit Christian Hoppenheit

Christian Hoppenheit

Product Manager / Technical Sales

Gonzalez Blanco José Luis Gonzalez Blanco José Luis

Gonzalez Blanco José Luis

Technical Sales

Sara Lozano Sara Lozano

Sara Lozano

Sales Assistant

Carlo Guidice Carlo Guidice

Carlo Guidice

Color Lab Specialist

Peter Tritschler Peter Tritschler

Peter Tritschler

CCO Germany

Danilo Osso Danilo Osso

Danilo Osso


Rodolfo Vali Rodolfo Vali

Rodolfo Vali


Norbert Richter Norbert Richter

Norbert Richter

Technical Sales

Alfredo Lopez Vidal Alfredo Lopez Vidal

Alfredo Lopez Vidal

Sales Manager / Technical Drawings

Michael Zingg Michael Zingg

Michael Zingg


Oliver Beltermann Oliver Beltermann

Oliver Beltermann

Sales Manager

Alexander Bölecke Alexander Bölecke

Alexander Bölecke


Dominik Egli Dominik Egli

Dominik Egli

Head of Sales, CH

Marco Brodbeck Marco Brodbeck

Marco Brodbeck

Head of Sales

Guido Koch Guido Koch

Guido Koch

Technical Sales / CM

Tiziano Mirandola Tiziano Mirandola

Tiziano Mirandola

Technical Sales

Enis Erarslan Enis Erarslan

Enis Erarslan

Project Manager / Business & Product Development

Sandro Costa

Sandro Costa

Member of the Board of Directors

Omar Mohamed Omar Mohamed

Omar Mohamed


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