BASWA acoustic AG makes the quality of the workmanship that goes into BASWA products a top priority.

BASWA Verarbeitung - Auftragen und glätten des BASWA Akustikputz

The benefits of certification HE BENEFITS OF CERTIFICATION
Our certification program comprises thorough training by our professional experts and offers you – as a future BASWA Partner – many valuable benefits:

Professional on site support – worldwide

  • Access to important information & documents
  • High processing safety and ease of planning
  • Affiliation with the BASWA sales team
  • Referrals to other projects
  • Specialization in acoustic and thermal-acoustic systems
  • Possibility of assignments to international construction sites


At BASWA, excellent workmanship is always priority one – it is the only way we can meet our ambitious quality standards. During our two-day basic seminar, our installers receive excellent training for future projects. BASWA installation technology combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies as well as materials. Only a few chosen companies will have the opportunity to learn the specialized BASWA application technology. Hence, they will also expand their personal skill sets and learn a new artisan technique.

Caring Wood Haus in Kent, England. Küche mit BASWA Phon Akustikdecke


BASWA systems are designed in such a manner that they can be efficiently installed once the required training has been completed. Innovations and system additions are implemented on the basis of a modular system, so that the basics of the installation technique can be applied time and again. Consequently, a vast, frequently the most important part of the value chain, is placed into the hands of our installers.


Our BASWA installation technology training program comprises a basic course and specialization courses (e.g. in the installation technique for thermal-acoustic systems or in maintenance and refurbishment). Being loyal to the product and the participation in advanced education offers companies the opportunity to acquire specialization in a niche market and to become an in-demand partner for builders and architects.


BASWA acoustic AG lists certified companies and provides them with regular information on the latest developments. BASWA’s field sales force frequently refers and recommends such companies for new projects. This allows certified enterprises to expand their customer base considerably. Events organized and hosted by BASWA acoustic AG offer certified businesses to get to know regional and supra-regional colleagues.


When working on major international projects, in particular in Asia, BASWA acoustic AG frequently has to call on its partners for assistance. As a result, interested and cosmopolitan certified partners have the opportunity to gain important experiences as team leaders on construction sites in other countries. BASWA acoustic AG will provide contacts and related information upon request.