Our proven maintenance and renovation concept ensures visual and functional quality far into the future.

Repairing acoustic surfaces

Each renovation is a unique project with its own conditions and requirements. This is why we have a complete range of techniques and products depending on the maintenance need. For partial repairs, large-area cleaning or refreshing aged surfaces, BASWA have proven solutions. Because our installation partners are certified, we can guarantee the professional and expert use of our products for renovation. In this way, our partners are able to recommend the optimum solution – yet another benefit of choosing BASWA.

BASWA Clean - Reinigung der Akustikdecke


Cleaning BASWA acoustic surfaces

Cleaning BASWA surfaces considerably extends their service life: organic soiling is cleaned with BASWA Clean and the acoustic performance remains unaffected.

Our tip: Dust deposits or fingerprints can be removed by careful vacuuming or by means of adhesive tape and eraser.

BASWA Repair - kleines Loch in der Akustikdecke ausbessern

BASWA Repair

Repairing mechanical damage

Mechanical damage to BASWA surfaces is professionally repaired by our certified installers. After the final treatment with our BASWA products, damage is hardly or no longer visible. If the damage is too severe for repair, the system can be restored using our tried and tested procedures.

BASWA Fresh - Akustikdecke auffrischen

BASWA Restoration

Refreshing BASWA surfaces

Age-related discolouration is refreshed with BASWA Fresh. The BASWA surface is thus visually refreshed with the acoustic performance unaffected. If BASWA surfaces have been damaged too much, cleaning, refreshing or repairing them will not achieve the desired effect. The surface is then restored and covered with the lightly textured spray plaster BASWA Casual – the new fine-grained surface makes the acoustic ceiling look like new.

Even heavily damaged BASWA surfaces can be completely restored. For this purpose, the final coating is partially or completely removed and reapplied. The application of the new final coating results in a BASWA surface as good as new, without having to install a new system.

BASWA Protect

BASWA Protect

Surface protection

BASWA Protect is a specially developed premium impregnation system to achieve a deep water-repellent finish with optimum protection for BASWA acoustic surfaces. The acoustic performance of the system is not affected. Thanks to BASWA Protect, dirt and water absorption into the open-pored acoustic system is considerably reduced. Furthermore, the impregnation can have a positive influence on the cleaning of BASWA surfaces, as well as on the durability of BASWA surfaces.