Using only the highest quality natural and recycled materials, BASWA is a sustainable, healthy and highly effective solution for sound absorption.

Sustainability and human-centric design

The principle behind it is surprisingly simple: Any solution must be as natural as possible to be compatible with the environment and health. This requirement is met in many ways. The use of marble sand to create microporous surfaces is upcycling in its most natural form. This is because the sand produced during marble production is otherwise wasted. Marble sand has a subtle beauty and sophistication that gives it a special character, and we recognised this early on.


Our porous pre-coating is made of recycled glass and strikes the same chord: with the spirit of innovation and the use of existing raw materials we create an environmentally friendly basis for the product. The BASWA Phon system consists of up to 94% recycled materials. Environmentally friendly without compromising performance.

And so, the natural ethos that characterises our products across our entire range contributes to a sense of well-being indoors and at the same time promotes health.

Our ecological highlight: With the BASWA Natural system, we have developed a product that fulfils the ecological principle to the highest degree”.

BASWA Natural Akustikplatte mit Kleber

Why build with natural materials?

Innovation does not mean finding complex solutions when simple ones are equally efficient. The benefits of using natural materials is clear. By using natural fibres made of hemp, BASWA Natural achieves impressive values in sound absorption for all frequency ranges. In addition, the low-emission material is resistant to insects and micro-organisms. And the low weight facilitates the installation process in both private and public buildings”.

By searching for the right blend of natural fibres, we were able to meet our high standards for acoustics and at the same time give our customers the opportunity to use environmentally friendly and highly functional materials.

Mike Hürlimann CEO

Sustainability is environmental protection

Our idea of sustainability goes far beyond the use of natural fibres. Our acoustic systems are durable. While conventional acoustic systems should be replaced after 20 years, we will not advise you to replace them even after 40 years. This saves raw materials for production, time, because no new installations are necessary, and above all costs.

Wohnzimmer mit Blick in die Natur und fugenloser BASWA Phon Akustikdecke