Baldegg Switzerland | 01. June 2017


A particularly clever solution in room acoustics: Absorbent BASWA surfaces are fitted with invisible, high quality loudspeakers in certain locations.

As a result, excellent sound performance on a high level is combined with perfect room acoustics – it’s a very special experience. BASWA Sonic loud speakers are custom coordinated with the BASWA acoustics and can be easily installed by any BASWA provider. BASWA Sonic is also available in a version called BASWA Sonic Carbon, which makes it possible to use this product in high humidity/moisture areas and in situation where high sound pressure demands have to be met.

Baldegg Switzerland | 14. December 2016


BASWA Fresh is a patented mineral and water-based spray paint.

It enables users to freshen up aged or slightly soiled BASWA surfaces without impairing their acoustic values. Depending on how soiled the surface is, prior cleaning is required. Aged surfaces will be revived and their original fresh look will be restored. BASWA Fresh is applied with a pressurized container spray system. Thanks to this cost effective treatment, it is possible to substantially extend the useful life of BASWA surfaces – in fact it could be doubled.

This product is currently only available in standard white!

Baldegg Switzerland | 15. June 2016

BASWA Casual

Spray stucco BASWA Casual makes gentle and extremely cost effective as well as efficient renovations of aged, extremely soiled or damaged BASWA surfaces possible.

The acoustic values of the existing surfaces are barely affected by the application of this material. Consequently, BASWA Casual can be easily integrated into BASWA refurbishment projects. This water-based acoustic spray stucco is also easy to process. BASWA Casual is available in a wide spectrum of colors.

Baldegg Switzerland | 06. April 2016


Surface enhancement product BASWA Shine is sprayed on existing BASWA surfaces to give them a metallic shine.

This reduces the acoustic values of BASWA surfaces only minimally.  BASWA Shine is available in our standard colors gold, silver and bronze. Other hues are available upon request. This water-based glimmer dispersion contains an-organic, natural or synthetic glimmer particles and is applied with a pressurized container spray system.

Baldegg Switzerland | 15. March 2016

BASWA Blonde & Clean

Simple removal of organic contaminant of the BASWA surfaces

With our BASWA systems one can rely on worldwide proven acoustic solutions with an integrated renovation & maintenance concept. However, changes of the appearance due to external substances can occur during the lifetime of a BASWA ceiling. Contaminants can be the result which can be removed with our cleaning products BASWA Blonde & Clean. The performance of the acoustical ceiling will not be affected at all.